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"TWoP is such a fixture in my personal history that it is jolting to come up against the reality of its impermanence — like walking by the corner where a cherished dive bar used to sit and finding that it has been replaced by a bank. My sister introduced me to TWoP when we were in the nerdy thrall of “Battlestar Galactica”; we would binge-watch episodes and then turn to Jacob Clifton’s often insightful, always meticulous recaps, which could go on for thousands of words.

“The door of Tigh’s cell creaks and Saul cowers against the wall, to cover his calendar. Brother Cavil enters, sits astride a chair, puts on mirrorshades, clears his throat, and laughs at him,” Jacob wrote in his season 3, episode 1 recap. I doubt the screenplay was anywhere near that specific, but since I was so taken with the show, Jacob’s prolixity did not bother me. In fact, it was what I craved. TWoP allowed me to linger — or wallow — in the world of “Battlestar Galactica” long past its running time.”

I shall miss you dearly, TWoP.

cannot believe it. literally everything i know about snark i learned from TWoP. TWoP was my introduction to everything in fandom and literally shaped the way i watch and enjoy media.

thank you DJB for Roswell and ANTM before tyra went and hired you out from under us. i’d read anything you wrote. thank you to jacob clifton for the most intellectual discussions (i mean pages upon pages about biblical references and obscure literary analysis) of BSG and the most spot-on funniest pithiest PLL screenplays. i literally will not be able to enjoy my favorite show as much without you. what will i do come june?? 

man, this sucks. the end of an era. 

Title: Sing Artist: Ed Sheeran 105,102 plays
Sing - Ed Sheeran.

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RITA ORA - I Will Never Let You Down

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Does it almost feel like you’ve been here before? #bastille

I bought a $49 ticket to Palm Springs. Totally worth it.

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Troy and Abed would give them some notes about proper construction of blanket forts, but I’m too busy finding them attractive to care about the lack of structural integrity.

Awww, I miss them!

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